Mild winter has decreased electricity consumption

This article from the Los Angeles Times discusses the decline in electricity consumption this winter in the US due to the mild temperatures. “Americans spent $163 billion on electricity in the fourth quarter, down from $175 billion in the third quarter…” This article coincides with my research topic because it shows a relationship between temperature and demand for electricity. Because it has been warmer this winter, people have been less inclined to heat their homes. The electricity portion of Americans’ energy bills has decreased.

Rising gas prices in the US have threatened to “choke off the economic recovery”; however, with less spending going towards electricity, Americans can afford to spend more on gasoline. According to the article, gas accounted for 61% of total household energy consumption in the fourth quarter. In my research, perhaps I should examine the fluctuations in electricity as a proportion of total household energy consumption. More research about rising gas prices and its impact on electricity consumption could be interesting and helpful to my paper. I could look further into finding data about this potential relationship and use it to strengthen my paper.

Here is the link to the article:,0,32216.story


1 thought on “Mild winter has decreased electricity consumption

  1. George, I think this is really interesting. Exploring how these goods are related–whether they are substitutes or complements–and how temperature might affect each sounds like it will be an important component to your paper. Thanks for sharing.

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